Audio branding with Kaapstad swag!

Our identity, our vibe, our story!

Crossfade Studio is a 100% black-owned audio production studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Producing soundtracks with our unique swagger since 2015, we specialise in audio branding, sound design and audio post-production, with our focus on the advertising and media industry, servicing local and international clients. 

Crossfade Studio’s founder and creative production wizard, Lindsay Johnson, has earned his place in the game with over two decades of working his magic in the audio production industry.  Born and raised in Kaapstad, he embraces urban culture, street art and can easily relate to what brands need, all while having developed a discerning ear for cutting-edge sound production.

Our clients dig our customer service, plus our badass audio production skills!  We cut through the usual studio hassle generally associated with larger facilities and when you roll with us you connect directly with Lindsay, guaranteeing you a high level of execution for your business, attention to detail, fast turn-around and client service that is second to none. Jump to the next page to hear our glowing testimonials if you don't believe us!

One of Lindsay’s secret weapons is branding radio stations.  He spent 15 years branding some of South Africa’s top commercial radio stations such as KFM 94.5, 947, Talk Radio 702, 567 Cape Talk, Smile 90.4FM and a further 50+ FM radio stations across North America.  Needless to say, he knows how to bring that vibe to your brand!

Over the years we’ve built solid and trusting relationships in the industry with access to some of the best voice talent from around around the globe, so you’ll never be short of finding the perfect voice to represent your brand.

We embrace Ai in all it's facets and we keep our ears on what’s new, edgy and trending so your brand will always sound relevant in today's market!

Level up your Audio Branding at Crossfade Studio!

Our core services

  • Audio branding for media and advertising

    Every brand needs an audio identity. Custom music, sound design and a unique production style all adds to a brand's core identity.

  • Audio post-production and final mixing for tv and documentaries

    Dialogue editing and ADR, foley, sound design, noise reduction processing, an audio final mix and a finely tuned ear is what we offer

  • Sonic logos and sound design

    Those little ear worms that gets stuck in your head. The audio identity of a brand. Usually 3-5 note melodies that makes a brand recognisable.

  • Podcast recording and production

    Get comfy at our recording studio or at your spot. Capable of recording up to 4 guests using THE industry standard podcast microphones.

  • Voice-over recording and directing

    Over 2 decades of recording and directing VO talent from all corners of the globe, we're able to help guide the talent to that sweet spot.

  • Voice talent sourcing

    Our talent bank is vast. We've worked with many over the years and we know where to find the ones who knocks it out the park!

  • Binuaral and immersive audio mixing

    Immersed in a soundscape that transports you to a different world where you're placed in the centre of the action is the future of storytelling

  • Social media audio and visual production

    Every brand has a presence on social media and having high-end audio production values is key to ensuring your brand makes an impact!

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